Krupp-NMF lug caps (twist off) production line

Quality used TOFF manufacturing line for diameter Tw 82 mm (RSB) consisting of: Krupp Scroll Shear, Krupp Double Die Presses with Neue Maschinen Fabrik strip feeding device, Billoway Engineering Curl-Lug Form machinery, Grace Compound lining and Inghor belt-oven running on natural gas. Twist Off lids are used for closing glass jars (for vegetables, compotes, jams, pickles, mustard, peas, etc.). There are lacquered interior and exterior with varnish resistant to sterilization and chemical action on the product.


Technical specifications:
Product Number  5319
Krupp-NMF lug caps (twist off) production line
Tw 82 mm
Year of Construction
Speed upto
220 caps per minute
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